Mastering the Process: How to Create a Google Form like a Pro ~ Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide


Google Forms is a web-based tool that lets users create surveys, tests, and other kinds of online forms quickly and efficiently. Users of Google Forms can build custom forms with a variety of question types, including dropdown, multiple-choice, and short answer questions, as well as embed photos and videos.

Users may quickly manage and analyze data thanks to the application’s integration with Google Drive, which lets them store form responses in a spreadsheet. Online surveys, event registration, job applications, feedback forms, and more are just a few of the uses for which Google Forms is frequently utilized.

How to Create a Google Form Step-by-Step Guide

A brief explanation of the How to Create Google Form creation procedure:

  • Go to Google Forms after logging into your Google account.
  • For a new form to be created, click the “+” button.
  • Create a title and description for your form.
  • Include multiple-choice, short response, or paragraph text questions in your form.
  • Choose a theme or upload photos to personalize the look of your form.
  • To check for mistakes or formatting concerns, preview your form.
  • By sharing a link or including it on your website, you may share your form with others.
  • Utilise the analytics tools that Google Forms includes to gather and examine replies.

Detailed Process of How to Create a Google Form?

Start a New Form

Select the type of document you wish to generate by clicking on it on the Google Forms home page. There are a wide variety of ready-made options, such as RSVP, feedback, order, and contact form templates. Any of them can be chosen and modified to meet your needs.

google forms

You could also use a Blank form. It enables you to construct your document from scratch. It takes more effort and preparation to get it precisely perfect, but the result will be something special.

Name and Describe Your Google Form

The title and description are the first two information you’ll need after opening a blank form. Make sure they are clear and precise before filling them in.

tittle of google forms

For instance, you may describe the purpose of and important considerations for a Google quiz. You can give additional directions to employees in various departments when you request updates from your remote team.

Set Up Your Questions

Your plan is crucial at this point. Do you prefer a multiple-choice form or free-form responses from the respondents? In addition to other options, you can request short and long answers, checkboxes, lineal scales, and file submissions.

Start by typing your question or pasting it from a different form. Then, decide how recipients should respond by selecting the drop-down option next to the question form. Click the Plus symbol in the right-hand toolbar of your form to add new queries.

questions of google forms

Keep in mind to keep your form brief. People don’t have the time or tolerance to answer every question, so either limit your list of questions to 10 or mark the ones you really must have as Required.

Add Multimedia

Your form can look more appealing with the use of images and videos. You may use a picture to enhance a certain question, for instance. To see your selections, click the Add picture icon located between the question box and answer menu.

There is a lot of freedom in this area thanks to the sources that are available, including your device, camera, URL, Google Drive, and Google Images. Additionally, you can include images and infographics between questions by selecting the image icon in your sidebar.

You can also see the Add video icon there. You can upload video using a URL or from the YouTube library.

Customize Theme

You can enhance the aesthetics of your Google form with additional tools. The Customise theme icon is located at the top of the home page. When you click it, a new sidebar will appear with options to change the document’s colours and font, add a header image, and more.

Only the first element allows you to select a custom color; the editor will automatically propose similar colors for the form’s backdrop based on the image you select. There are just four available typefaces as well. But if you use everything carefully, you can consistently create unique forms.

Set Up Your Response Options

Google Forms are as simple to create as they are to fill out and send back. Even better, if the Accepting answers toggle is turned on, the system can compile them in one location. Before sending out the document, make sure it is.

Additionally, you can combine Google Forms with Sheets. Your form’s questions will be converted into columns in the spreadsheet, whether you use an existing one or create one, so that you may display the responses as they are received.

The More icon with three dots provides access to more capabilities. When responses are available, you can receive email alerts. For instance, you can unlink them from their spreadsheets and download and print them.

Send Your Form

Click the Send button to send the form once it is ready. It can be distributed through links, Facebook, Twitter, email, and HTML embedding. Prior to transmitting the document, select the method you wish to use and complete the required fields.

While your partners can be included here, you can accomplish this much sooner. The choice is located in the menu that appears when you click the More icon on the home page.

What are the reasons or benefits of using Google Forms?

Google Forms are used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Information gathering: Google Forms make it simple to collect data in a structured, orderly manner from a big group of people.
  2. Saving time: Google Forms allows you to easily construct personalised forms and surveys without the requirement for highly developed technical knowledge.
  3. Data analysis: A spreadsheet that is automatically created by Google Forms when responses are submitted can be used to analyse data and draw conclusions.
  4. Collaboration: Google Forms is a fantastic tool for cooperation and collaboration because it is simple to share and update by several people.
  5. Cost-effective: As a free tool that is accessible to anybody with a Google account, Google Forms is an inexpensive substitute for other survey and form-building software.


Creating a Google Form may seem daunting, but with our ultimate step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to create a custom form like a pro. From designing engaging questions to collecting and analyzing data, we’ve got you covered. Follow our expert tips and tricks to create a Google Form that meets your specific needs, whether it’s for conducting research, gathering feedback, or anything in between. Start mastering the process of creating a Google Form today.

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